Professional Colour Matching

The smart spectrophotometer in pocket format

It was a highlight for our visitors on the Innovation Days.

An ultra-portable, Bluetooth® connected colour selection device, ColorReaderPRO provides industry-leading colour matching performance. Now you can provide your painters a tool that can match a client’s colour inspiration to a corresponding paint colour in seconds.

The best three results are displayed in an app on the smartphone.

As a further feature, the Hesse article number is also displayed directly and patterns can be added to a separate digital colour chart. This eliminates the annoying search in a variety of different colour charts.

Here are the advantages of the COLOR READER:

  • Finding the colour tone within 1 second
  • More than 90% time saving compared to traditional colour search with colour cards
  • Data base containing about 5000 shades from RAL Classic, RAL Design, NCS S


Here, please find further information about attachments, installation of the App, features, etc.

Download of the software




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order directly

Order your Hesse COLOR READER directly under the article number XDCCR


Smartphone - easy using


iPhone® & Android™ compatible

Device stores 10,000 colours and has an OLED display for standalone usage. The ColorReader mobile app provides everything your painters need to match colours, work with fan decks, and create palettes etc.

Technical details


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