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  • Hesse HYDRO-UV Multicoat lacquer HUE 8656x(gloss level)

    HYDRO-UV multicoat lacquer for priming and top coating with excellent accentuation of the wood. The product is formulated on an acrylate binder basis, UV hardening with physical drying and water dilutable. Show product
  • Hesse PU Base Coat DG 4716-0001

    DG 4716-0001 is a light fast base coat. This product has good body and is additionally formulated with high quality light stabilizers (sunblock properties) and thus perfectly suited as a primer for application on light wood varieties in combination with matching Hesse... Show product
  • Hesse PU Basecoat DG 4716-0002

    Two-component PU acrylic resin basecoat, free of aromatic compounds, especially well filling and light-fast. This acrylic primer can be used on bleached substrates and is free from phthalate plasticisers. It can therefore also be used as a lacquer to coat children's... Show product
  • Hesse PU Multicoat lacquer DE 4215x(gloss level)-0006

    Two-component PU acrylic resin lacquer, clear, quick-drying, high-build and thixotropic formula. A multicoat lacquer for base and top coats for open-pore and closed-pore coatings. Free from phthalate softeners and therefore also suitable for coating children's toys. ... Show product
  • Hesse UV Oil Finish for roller UE 79860

    A UV-hardened product based on oil-modified acrylic resins, dull matt, colourless, ready-to-use multicoat lacquer for priming and top coating of open and closed-pore structures. Show product
  • Hesse PU Basecoat DG 4708-0010

    Hesse PU Basecoat DG 4708-0010 is a two component PU primer with a polyester resin basecoat. The well bodied product can be sanded after only brief drying. The distinguishing feature of this basecoat is its powdery nature when sanded. Show product
  • Hesse LED UV basecoat for rollers UP 7050-9343 white

    The UV LED white basecoat UP 7050-9343 is a highly reactive basecoat which gives a strongly adherent surface with good body when hardened with LED and UVC lamps.The basecoat can easily be sanded down and painted over. Show product
  • Hesse PU Isolating Filler DP 4785-9006

    A pigmented two-component PU alkyd primer in black, well filling and well sandable. The PU Isolation primer DP 4785-9005 is suitable as a filling primer for closed-pore coloured lacquer coatings e.g. underneath the Hesse PU DB 4524x(gloss level)-(colour tone). The... Show product
  • Hesse CN Pigment filler NP 180-(FT)

    A pigmented nitrocellulose primer, very well filling and well covering. Hesse CN Pigment filler NP 180-(colour tone) is quick drying and very powdered sandable. In addition, the product is formulated to be free from aromas and phthalate softeners and suitable for coating... Show product
  • Hesse 2C Reactive system RSE 9545x(gloss level)

    Two-component active alkyd lacquer, particularly good filling properties, clear, quick-drying and PVC-resistant. Multi-coat lacquer for base and top coats. Show product