Ten good reasons...

We regard ourselves as a team

As a team that pulls together to build on the strengths of each individual. Our employees enjoy working at Hesse. We put mutual appreciation into practice. Our system of values for getting on well together is based on our ten rules for working together.

Our employees feel very attached to the company and we have a very low turnover. Many employees have many years with the company under their belt. We value the experience of our long-term employees just as much as the young ones who join our company.

In addition to everyday operations, we also enhance the way we work together by joint activities (participation in dragon boat races, company runs, in-house 5-a-side competitions and company outings).

We put the emphasis on you

As confirmation of our outstanding overall HR strategy, Hesse was awarded the 'Dortmund Personnel Management Prize' in 2008. (New Deals article)

We allow a work/life balance

The way society is changing demographically and the growing lack of specialists on the market make our employees an indispensable part of the company. In this day and age we can no longer afford to dispense with well trained men and women with family commitments.

We are an organisation that is constantly learning and that continues to develop by accepting family-conscious practices, and as such its professional image improves.

As a family-conscious family company, ensuring a food work/life balance for our staff is very close to our heart. Our participation in the 'FAMILYconscious Company in Hamm' project for promoting the economy of Hamm with the B.A.U.M. consultancy allows us to implement bespoke, family-friendly measures. In May 2011 we passed the inspection with Excellent .

Via our intranet and staff magazine we provide our employees with lots of up-to-date information regarding family and the company. In addition we are building on our structured guidelines on career breaks and guarantee flexibility by means of our flexitime account. We are also happy to approach the taboo subject of old age and care with our employees.

Hesse is a member of the Family Success Factor network of companies. The aim of this joint initiative by the Federal Ministry for Families and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce is to make family-friendliness the trademark of the German economy. With more than 3,500 companies, Hesse is in good company and as such a trend setter.

We are based on a flat hierarchy

Flat hierarchies ensure proximity to line managers and even the management are close at hand. This not only allows every male and female employee to BE an important cog, but also to feel and be recognised as such.

We offer further development in the modern working environment

Hesse creates the framework of a modern working environment with customised development opportunities for the centre piece of our company: or employees.

We promote health

For Hesse, this means: a healthy company can only be achieved with healthy employees. For this reason we have set up a very elaborate health management system. This is an important addition to health and safety in the workplace and not only aims to reduce absenteeism, but also covers the mental and physical well-being of our male and female employees in full.

We will not leave you in the lurch

For some it is an obligation, whereas we willingly do it. Since 2004 BEM (company integration management) has been written into law. This involves overcoming incapacity to work and avoiding recurrences. This resulted in a number of improvements: not only the fitting and modification of equipment, but above all the improvement of our employees' health awareness. For our exemplary BEM we received a certificate and a prize worth EUR 15,000 from the Landwirtchaftsband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) in 2010.

We are integrating

Are only healthy people able to work at Hesse? No. We exceed the minimum statutory requirements and the way we consider individuals with severe disabilities and their needs is exemplary. 5.7% of Hesse's male and female employees have disabilities and as such the company exceeds the statutory quota of 5%.

We are active internationally

Our distribution network stretches around the whole world. There are hardly any countries that cannot benefit from our quality products. We have our own distribution companies in Belgium, France, India, China and the United Arab Emirates as well as distribution partners in countless other countries around the world. Should you have knowledge of certain languages and interest in an international career, we also offer a wide range of development opportunities.

We are very local to Hamm.

Our founders are from Hamm. 'Made in Germany' is a highly recognised sign of quality, in which we place a great deal of value. For this reason our site remains in Hamm. Our employees enjoy the security of the location and a good collectively agreed wage.

Are you from Hamm? Even better, as you're not far from us.

You live in another town and have never heard of Hamm?

Hamm is a town with 182,000 inhabitants and the best infrastructure on the eastern edge of the Ruhr area within commuting distance of Münster, Dortmund and Soest.

And if in the future you would like to strengthen our team and move near to us, we will gladly assist you with searching for an apartment/house and on request will provide you with temporary company accommodation.