As a leading supplier of lacquers and stains we maintain good contacts with various associations, organisations and institutions. The following are a few examples of our commitments.


The Dortmund Chamber of Trade and Industry is an especially important partner for us in the field of training.


As a member of Lack Trans, the Krefeld support and alumni association for coating technology, we support academic training for coating students at the Lower Rhine College.

Association HE/RP

The professional association Leben Raum Gestaltung Hessen/Rheinland Pfalz is the regional guild association for carpentry, funerary and mounting trade.

AGV Chemie

The Westphalian Employer's Association for the Chemical Industry, Bochum Office (AGV Chemie Westfalen) deals with socio-political matters in the chemical industry.

Association Baden-Württemberg

As a modern and powerful trade organisation, the Baden-Württemberg Carpentry Association involves itself in a wide range of areas for the industry.


Industry@work shall sustainably improve the perception of the industry as an attractive employer for young people, students, other career starters and professionals and convey a modern image to the society.


Innovationsbund Holzindustrie e.V. from Kolbermoor is an interest group for technical specialists and management in the wood and furniture industry.

quality seal issued

A quality seal issued by the city of Hamm to its outstanding companies. As a "true Hamm" company we are actively involved in and for the city of Hamm.


The German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (DKMS) helps leukaemia patients across the world. A transfusion of healthy stem cells is the only chance of a cure for many patients.


With regard to certification and product inspections for our new and future products we work very closely with the IHD (Institute for Wood Technology in Dresden ) or, as may apply, with the EPH, a subsidiary of the IHD.

energy efficiency

The gr-EEN Westfalen-Ruhr energy efficiency network was founded by an initiative of the federal government, the chambers of industry and commerce and other commercial partners, including Hesse.