Cabannes SAS

Custom made Parquet

High-quality European oak parquet flooring

41 years ago, Gérard Cabannes gave shape to his dream. He began a veneer processing company surrounded by the inspiring vineyards of the Bordeaux region. He constantly built on his successes and with the second generation, Benoit and Julien Cabannes, this led to the production of laminated parquet in 2000.

Their brainchild, the parquet system à la carte, with which the customer can assemble a wooden floor as desired, turned out to be another bull's eye. Quality and flexibility took the company to the top of the upmarket wooden flooring segment in no time.

After a professional relationship with the Decospan Group which lasted over 25 years, and in view of the synergies between the two companies, Benoit and Julien decided to make the partnership more permanent and Cabannes was integrated into the Decospan Group. Since January 2016 their parquet has been available in specialized parquet shops under the Cabbani name. The new name does not change our focus: Cabbani is and remains synonymous with French quality parquet.



Facts and data

Products used:

  • UV coating systems
  • HYDRO-UV lacquer
  • HYDRO coloured lacquer