Cleaning and care

Protect and maintain value

High quality coated furniture surfaces deserve high quality care. Whether Klarolin, Hesse furniture gloss agent or Proterra cleaning agent, the range of care products helps to add value.

Parquet needs the right care to have value added. Hesse provides the appropriate care products for every wooden floor, whether the initial treatment or as maintenance.

Only 'clean' processes lead to clean products. Use our range of cleaning and protective agents to make your processes clean. Whether belt cleaning, machine cleaners, protective lacquers or glass cleaners... We have a wide range available for you.

Adds value and process security

High quality surfaces require high quality care. Whether for furniture surfaces or floors, cleaning and care products ensure sustained conservation.

You can choose from a wide range of products. Alongside cleaning products required by parquet installers for their care instructions and customers, you will find we have a comprehensive range of products for caring for furniture.

In addition we offer you products for cleaning during the production process. The choice extends from belt cleaners to glass cleaners for preparing glass coatings.

Suitable products

Protect cleaner

PR 90 Protect cleaner

Cleaning and care product for furniture and wooden flooring based on a pH-neutral and biodegradable surfactant.

Cleaning concentrat furniture

Cleaning concentrat

GR 1900: Cleaning and maintenance concentrate for furniture surfaces; solvent-free, with the natural wax of the carnauba palm.

Technical information

belt cleaner

HY 6995 belt cleaner: Aqueous belt cleaner with very good lacquer-dissolving properties for industrial use.

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