Add the perfect finish to your furniture

wood lacquer

Design individual features with polyurethane or HYDRO lacquers.

High gloss lacquer

With perfectly matched base coats as well as coloured and gloss lacquers, your furniture shines as new. Top quality high gloss coatings are our strength and show off your production skills.

Furniture lacquer

The effect of freshly sanded untreated wood remains for many years. With the HYDRO natural wood effect the surface is protected with highly resistant HYDRO lacquer. The coating can be neither seen nor felt.

A surface is able to convey much more than a traditional coating. It can individually support and enhance the way a creatively designed piece of furniture expresses itself and functions.

Any surface should look good and be durable.

Whether with a modern look full of straight lines or a rustic vintage look. Furniture surfaces significantly bring out the design. Hesse products do not just give a unique look to finished living room and bedroom furniture, they also add a high quality feel to them. You can coat in a VOC-compliant way with sustainable HYDRO lacquers or traditional polyurethane systems, or coat large items with HYDRO-UV lacquers. The system is determined by your wishes and specifications.

This allows you to protect your furniture with our lacquers and stains that combine good visuals and a pleasant touch with compliance with the most essential test standards, including DIN 68861.

Hesse lacquers and stains are perfectly suited for finishing the surfaces of your furniture.

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Suitable products

PUR Colour laquer

DB 4524x(gloss level)-(colour) or DB 555-(colour) with extremely good lacquer distribution and excellent adhesion properties on almost all substrates, a pot life of 3 days make this colour lacquer ideal for universal use.

Natural Oil


GE 11254: quick-drying, linseed oil-based natural oil with a mild smell and low in solvents with good chemical and mechanical resistance
GE 100 as final finish for silky feel
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HB 6528x(gloss level)-(colour tone): a light fast 1C colour lacquer with elegant surface, good scratch resistance and high opacity; suitable for base or top coating and for "Green Building" projects. (flame retardant DIN EN 13501-1).

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