Biorenewable Carbon

Improve the sustainability of your products with the BRC lacquers from Hesse Lignal

With the BRC product series Better Carbon, Hesse Lignal takes sustainability in the world of furniture and design to a new level: The UV lacquers contain a high proportion of renewable raw materials and are therefore more environmentally friendly than conventionally manufactured products. At the same time, Better Carbon stands out with its high resistance and visually appealing results.

Do justice to the new sustainable ethics

As is the case in most parts of our lives, the issue of sustainability is growing increasingly important as public awareness of the environment and the climate improves. It is also becoming increasingly important in the furniture industry. As more and more consumers strive to live in a more climate-neutral and ecologically-friendly manner, the demand for environmentally-friendly furnishing elements has risen rapidly.

Many lacquer-processing businesses have already spotted the trend and are now expanding their ranges to include sustainably-manufactured products. When implementing this plan, the issue of finding a suitable surface protection presents a challenge. Lacquers and coatings have a significant influence on the sustainability of furnishing elements. Conventionally manufactured lacquer products still normally contain fossil raw materials, which are taken from nature in large quantities for use in lacquer production. In order to meet your clients’ requests, you will need to find an environmentally-friendly alternative that does not negatively impact the quality.

Preserve valuable resources using natural raw materials

In order to give you the option of protecting and refining your furniture and doors in a sustainable manner, Hesse Lignal has developed the BRC product series Better Carbon. BRC stands for Bio-Renewable Carbon. This term denotes natural, renewable raw materials made from plant-based carbonated materials. In comparison to the fossil contents used in conventional lacquer systems, these materials are particularly environmentally-friendly and resource-friendly. The Better Carbon products from Hesse Lignal contain large amounts of these renewable raw materials. For this reason, the BRC lacquer systems stand out via their extremely high level of sustainability.

The range includes, for example, products with a BRC content of up to 30 percent. The content of renewable raw materials always refers to the total quantity of carbon material in the product.

Strong finishes for miscellaneous application areas

Our broad BRC portfolio does not only convince with a high degree of sustainability, it is also impressively versatile. The range includes numerous products with various levels of BRC content, including coloured and colourless UV lacquers. Furthermore, the industrial coatings can be used for various finishes in order to do justice to the materials and achieve the desired effects. In the following, we show you how to create a finish using a coating with a high BRC content. Here, you can see the white finish of a Better Carbon product on a high density fibreboard (HDF):

Generally, Better Carbon products can be used in such finishes in place of non-BRC products without much effort. If finishes need to be adjusted due to the use of other products or certain work procedures, the Hesse Lignal team will be happy to provide advice. If it is not possible to swap products, Better Carbon can usually be combined with non-BRC products.

Trust the proven quality of Hesse

In order to avoid making sacrifices and to ensure quality when using our Better Carbon products, the lacquer formulae were developed over several years and optimised to perfection. Prior to starting the development process, we regularly spoke with our customers and conducted scientific studies with renowned partners to ensure that we meet consumer requirements as best as possible. The resulting lacquers were later subjected to intense product tests in our in-house laboratory and then perfected to the point of market readiness.

This way, we were able to develop lacquer systems with a remarkably high content of renewable raw materials, which also have outstanding processing qualities and a high chemical and mechanical resistance. Moreover, Better Carbon also allows you to achieve the same effective results you get from conventional lacquer variants. As such, you can meet your customers’ demands for sustainability without having to forego the usual Hesse quality.

Our BRC product series has already impressed the professional world: Better Carbon won the 2020 Colour and Lacquer Award in the category “Best Sustainability Approach”.

However, we do not rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to develop our products even further in order to achieve an even higher degree of sustainability and expand our portfolio in the interests of our customers.

Clear markings for more transparency

As standard for Hesse Lignal, you can also rely on the highest degree of transparency for the markings on BRC products. Whilst some providers try to conceal the true sustainability of their lacquers by using misleading product descriptions, we show the renewable raw material content for the whole product. This means that you can be sure that products you choose are actually sustainable and you can feel good about getting to work with them.

Whitepaper: Evaluate the sustainability of lacquers accurately

Do you want to produce your furnishing elements in a more sustainable manner?

You can learn about how to find the right lacquers and stains for this procedure in our whitepaper “See through greenwashing-tricks: How to reliably evaluate the sustainability of lacquers and coatings”. In this paper, you can learn how product descriptions can mislead customers, the significance of certifications and how to measure the sustainability of a product.

You can request the white paper free of charge here: Download whitepaper


Would you like to learn more about our Better Carbon products?

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You can contact him by telephone at +49 (0)2381 963 828 or by sending an email to r.untiedt(at)



Would you like to evaluate the sustainability of lacquers accurately? Learn more in our free Whitepaper.

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