This app facilitates the search for glaze colour tones

It’s a handy replacement for the familiar glaze lacquer sampler - easy and digital

The COLOR READER, which can read colour tones, is now joined by a new Hesse app called COLOR WRITER. This new app replaces the long-serving glaze lacquer sampler.

Simply use the camera on a smartphone to capture an image of the wood to be coloured. The next step is to make fine adjustments to the photo so that it matches the original. Then the colour filter can be selected. The colour filter corresponds to the previous slides in the glaze lacquer sampler. The photo is accordingly tinted and can then be saved in a library.

It can then be sent with the corresponding formulation for the colour concentrate; to the laboratory, dealer or customer, for example. The bases for adding colour to solvent-based lacquers are Glaze lacquer concentrates ZD 1-01... ZD 1-23 and for aqueous systems they are concentrates HF 06515-01… HF 06515- 23.



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ColorWriter Android





for wood, plastic & glass

The colour chart contains 112 metallic colour tones, whereas Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC Colour lacquer DB 46555-colour tone offers an unlimited diversity of effects (all tones can be mixed - by hand or fully automatically). Details

Professional colour matching

The smart spectrophotometer in pocket format.


are available on stain cards

We differentiate between HYDRO stains and the rustic stains containing solvents. Here is an overview of our current stain cards



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