Your unbeatable HYDRO-Lacquer Trio!

Our new product family is particularly COOL. It fulfills (almost) all interior finishing requirements in a very environmentally friendly way. These products are suitable for "Green Building" projects and are also flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1. With these HYDRO lacquers, you have three universally applicable lacquers that already cut a good figure separately, but are unbeatable in a combined application.

COOL-FILL insulates the substrate, is very filling and thixotropic. It can be used for complete HYDRO applications as well as for combined application with solvent-based lacquers.

COOL-COLOR brings colour into play. Almost any colour and any application in interior finishing is possible, stairs, doors, furniture. Even glass can be painted with COOL-COLOR and together with the appropriate additive.

COOL-TOP is an universal light-fast multicoat lacquer and therefore it can also be used separately for open-pored surfaces. It can then be applied as a primer and topcoat. Together with COOL-FILL and COOL-COLOR, the TOP lacquer forms the ideal topcoat in all gloss levels. Due to its very good pore accentuation and transparency, paired with its excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, it is the perfect choice for exclusive interior finishing.

The advantages of the COOL family at a glance:

  • for "Green Building" projects
  • flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • unbeatable in combination, but also perfectly usable individually
  • no more odour complaints due to the use of HYDRO lacquers

All information on the COOL family in compact form here.
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Odor complaints can be avoided! Many details compiled for you:In the whitepaper


Hydro Isolierfüller

Isolation primer

HP 6645-9343: 1-component HYDRO acrylate-based isolation primer, thixotropic and machine-sandable (combined application also possible), complies with "Green Building" and DIN EN 13501-1.


Hydro Farblack

HYDRO colour laquer

HB 65285-(colour tone): lightfast, acrylate-based 1C-HYDRO colour lacquer with high opacity for priming and finishing, universally applicable ("Green Building" and flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1).



HYDRO 1C multicoat

HE 6509x(gloss level): the 1C HYDRO topcoat is lightfast, with excellent transparency, very good resistance, easy to sand, suitable for priming as well as for finishing (open/closed pores). DIN EN 13501-1

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