COOL-NATURA is our water-based natural wood effect

Retain the look and feel of pure, natural wood with the best sustainable protection

Our new COOL-NATURA is a 1C HYDRO Natural wood effect lacquer with special properties: in addition to the desired pale look, the coated surface features a genuine natural wood feel. Your hand feels like it touching bare, natural, warm wood. You’re simply not “aware of” or don’t even feel the coating.

Yet it is precisely this new coating that offers the best protection. Despite the deliberately dull matt gloss level, the surface is particularly scratch-resistant and shows the best mechanical and chemical resistance. It meets DIN 68861 1C and all these properties make the new brightening lacquer suitable for many practical applications on interior fittings.

Do you currently have a favorite among the European woods? Is it spruce, rather pine or perhaps pale maple? No matter which substrate material you choose: rely on our newly developed natural wood effect lacquer and enjoy the beauty of the wood. It doesn't matter whether the surfaces are coated for individual interior fittings, large-scale projects, the series production of furniture, doors or wall panels. It’s the natural effect that counts!

In addition to the high proportion of water, we would also mention that this formulation contains as much as 7 % renewable raw materials. And since the VOC content of COOL-NATURA is below 3 %, it has quite naturally been certified for “Green Building” projects.

All details including technical information, material safety data sheet and application example can be found via this link.



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