The PERFECT family adds versatility to our lives

2C HYDRO lacquers enable you to create eco-friendly and resistant surfaces

These water-based lacquers offer you an alternative!

Are you looking for a fully-fledged and sustainable alternative to solvent-based coating systems that would previously be used? Do you want to continue producing high-quality, exclusive surfaces, but with greater sustainability and eco-friendliness yet without compromising on quality? Then our water-based PERFECT family is ideal for you.

Our 2C Hydro lacquers have proven themselves on interior fittings over many years. The positive feedback from our customers prompted us to position a complete product family with a uniform name in this segment. Our key objectives in its conception and development were easy handling with just one hardener and optimum resistance on surfaces coated using water-based lacquer.

So our PERFECT family comprises some well-known 2C Hydro Lacquers with appropriate new developments. Each individual products are perfectly coordinated to achieve a complete coating.

All the PERFECT family’s advantages at a glance

  • Easy handling, top mechanical and chemical resistance properties
  • A fully-fledged replacement for previous PU lacquers; eco-friendly, water-based, and suitable for all areas of interior fittings
  • You only need one hardener for all lacquers in the PERFECT family
  • The NCO monomer content of hardener HDR 5091 is < 0.1 %, so no processor training is required according to Annex XVII Regulation (EU) No 1907/2006

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2C-HYDRO Pigmentfiller

HDP 5650-9343: our HYDRO 2C Pigment filler provides the ideal substrate when heavy-duty surfaces are required; it is also low-flammable according to IMO and DIN EN 13501.


2C-HYDRO Colour lacquer

HDB 5434.(gloss level)-Colour tone: our 2C HYDRO Colour lacquer provides top resistance; it is also light fast, eco-friendly, has outstanding levelling properties and with forced drying is even suitable for serial production.


2C-HYDRO Multicoat lacquer

HDE 5400x(gloss level):   this topcoat is considered an all-rounder for all areas of interior finishing incl. creak-free stair coating, IMO-certified, flame-retardant and suitable for children's toys.


2C-HYDRO Brillant Basecoat

HDG 5407: a 2C Basecoat with outstanding accentuating properties. It provides the basis for the best mechanical and chemical resistance on a surface.