Effect lacquers

Everybody, who wants to produce interior completion with individuality, spirit of the times and feeling, is using effect lacquers. Effect lacquers are creative formulations, providing imaginative possibilities in the field of surface design. Effect lacquers are available in a great optical variety and in different qualities. They offer to the user a multitude of design possibilities, because with the right feeling for colours and expression, incredible pictures can be produced. Many of the specified effects can be realised as behind-glass coatings, as well.


First of all, we would like to introduce a very special metal lacquer. By using real copper, iron, zinc, bronze or brass powder in the liquid lacquer, you create real art objects in the room. Depending on the type of processing, you can create particularly multi-faceted effects with PU DECORATIVE-METAL. Here is just a small preview of the possibilities.

You can find all details on PU DECORATIVE-METAL here.

We would like to present a range of our effects here:


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