Originally transparent lacquer or base that has been lightly stained in order to allow as much of the wood as possible to show through after application with hardly any change in shade. Modern glazes are thin wood coatings based on lacquer resins that penetrate deep into the wood and on the whole still contain water-repellent, anti-parasitic additives for improving their qualities. They may be clear or pigmented in various shades. We distinguish between internal and external glazes. Wood glazes without fungicide are only intended for use inside. They do not protect against fungal infestation. Clear glazes are also only intended for use inside. They do not contain pigments and in the outdoors do not provide sufficient protection against UV rays. The coating industry also offers thick-film glaze alongside thin-film glazes. Both types have their own particular advantages. Thick-film glazes form a visible, light gloss film on the wood. They provide good protection against moisture and last for a relatively long period. Thin-film glaze, on the other hand, are easier to handle. They penetrate very deeply and accentuate the wood. They provide even protection against the elements without flaking and can be renewed with minimal effort