Stain colour tones

HYDRO stains

HYDRO stains are environmentally friendly due to their water-based formulation. Depending on the type of wood we recommend different systems that emphasise or vary the look of the wood. Individual colour tones can also be delivered at short notice by using our stain mixing system. You will find original stain tone samples on our stain sample cards.

Rustic stains

On the whole, rustic stains consist of light-fast colourants and fine pigments dissolved or, as may apply, dispersed in organic solvents. The advantage is in the speed at which they dry. The components of the solvent ensure good lacquer compatibility with solvent lacquers, and as such fast recoatability. Due to their very good pore colouring, coating stains are used principally for staining oak or ash.

Please refer to the respective technical information for precise information.

Hydro stains on oak

Oil: colourless/coloured

Hydro stains on beech

Rustic stain on oak

Hydro stains on precious wood

Hydro stain on conifer wood


Hydro stains on ash/maple

Slip cases for stain cards

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