colour tones Parquet Colour

Parquet Colour WPB *(colour tone)

Environmentally friendly stains with a high level of light fastness, for staining parquet. The finest light fast pigments extensively cover the wood substrate, yet still achieve the desired stain characteristics. Apply by brush or roller, smoothing out the surplus with a single-disc orbital sander and white pad. The colours of the stain samples shown here may vary; these serve only as a rough guide. The colour tone of a stained object depends on a number of factors: the type and features of the wood, the sanding grain, the way it is applied, and the structure of the coating. Please always stain a test area. By first testing the stain on the original wood -- with the original raw-wood sanding and the desired coating -- the resulting colour tone is revealed.



Cognac WPB 1005

Walnut WPB 1008

Pebble Grey WPB 1036

Vintage Oak WPB 1160

Olive Grey WPB 1154

Cherry WPB 1001

Cottage Pine WPB 1002

Teak WPB 1006

Chocolat Brown WPB 1106

Sugar Brown WPB 1105

Smart Grey WPB 1144

Mahogany WPB 1004

Smoked Oak WPB 1007

Anthracite WPB 1034

Beige WPB 1037

Castle Brown WPB 1149