Hesse innovation

The development processes for lacquers and stains are dynamic. No boundaries are placed on creative areas. The greatest challenge is to above all reconcile customer-specific wishes with the general requirements of the market. This interaction gives rise to our innovative ideas.

Future challenges consist in continuing to reduce the solvent content and above all in ensuring the sustainability of the formulation components.

For several years now with our Proterra programme we have been taking a significant step towards sustainable surface coatings.In the meantime we are also making high-tec developments, such as UV coating, with raw materials from renewable resources.

But the subject of 'renewable raw materials' is not the only aspect of sustainability. The focus is also constantly on matters of job protection for our customers and our employees . Raw materials with a high potential of risk are eliminated from our coating systems at an early stage.

In addition, as coating manufacturers we have become very familiar with the subject of sustainability, and not just since it became of interest to the public. Lacquers and stains serve not just as decoration, but also assist significantly in maintaining the value and as such the sustainability of the materials.

This helps us to meet or obligations to people and the environment.

Our good network of contacts in the raw material and machine industries, along with our team of lacquer specialists, allows us to be always at the forefront of developments. The curve stretches from nano-technology right up to the current subject of LED drying of UV hardening coating systems and the associated positive environmental aspects.

Our "Innovation days 2017" under the motto "Optimize the Future" have been a great event! The interest in our new products (HYDRO-UV-DIAMATT, OPTI-BASE, INVIPRO-OIL, Excimer-technology,...) was enormous. The factory tours, lectures and the exhibition area of our co-exhibitors were always well attended.

The entire Hesse team would like to thank you for the great feedback! Thanks to all visitors, co-exhibitors and speakers who have contributed to the success of the "Innovation days 2017".

Coloured glass lacquer


With optimal fire protection!

DB 42105-Colour: Hesse PU glass lacquers are particularly light-fast, chemical- and water-resistant, uncomplicated and safe to process.

Further details:
 Lacktuell 70




Oxi-Reactive oil

roller coating

UV activated system on a natural oil base, matt, clear and ready to use, antibacterial (ISO 22196), free from acrylates and formaldehyde, Blue Angel label according to RAL - UZ 176, ...
ROG 7985 Base oil
RO 79861 Top oil


Innovative surface effect

It can be applied fast and easy to almost any substrate material, with PU sealing filler, stain, PU multi-coat lacquer and cement.

Technical description