Production of ocean-going yachts at the highest level

Hanse 575, Ostsee bei Rügen, Shooting 20. bis 24.08.2012

HanseYachts Greifswald, Germany

In terms of numbers of boats sold around the world, HanseYachts is the second largest manufacturer in Germany and one of the three largest manufacturers of ocean-going sailing yachts in the world. Its range of products also includes motorboats from the Norwegian brand Fjord, also manufactured in Greifswald. The range of models has been expanded by deck salon and aft cockpit yachts, distributed by the traditional British brand Moody, acquired by HanseYachts. For some years now, Dehler Yachts has also been part of the group of companies.



Facts and data

Products used:

  • UV spray lacquer
  • UV high gloss brilliant lacquer