Our focus is on people

We create a good working atmosphere in our teams by treating each other with respect. Continuing professional development opportunities, health promotion schemes and joint activities motivate our employees on a daily basis to develop optimised solutions for our customers. In the form of a well-founded apprenticeship, Hesse Lignal offers many young people the opportunity to help shape the successful and sustainable future of our company.

Our open and respectful communication among customers, employees and suppliers creates trust in our corporate actions. We provide comprehensive information on sustainable coating processes, and about the characteristics and safe handling of our products. This enables us to create traceable supply chains.

In addition to respectful treatment and open communication, the health of our employees is a top priority. That's why we do a lot to protect and safeguard them. Our efforts include aspects like protection against occupational accidents, preventing occupational afflictions such as musculoskeletal disorders, and averting other work-related health hazards including noise exposure.

Occupational safety and health protection are an integral part of all operational processes and are always included in new projects from the very beginning. We constantly plan project procedures and staff deployment in such a way that there is no risk to staff, customers and visitors.

The actions we are implementing:

  • Continuing professional development: we invest around 200,000 euros a year in the continuing professional development of our employees
  • Apprenticeships are also very important to us! Our apprenticeship quota has been over 8% for years
  • We are affiliated to the chemical collective bargaining agreement and thus offer our employees a very good salary, a company pension scheme, an annual bonus and holiday pay.
  • The introduction of our health management scheme means we are assuming social responsibility for our employees and taking advantage of the opportunities arising from demographic change. That's why we work with our employees to develop ideas and measures that can further reduce health impacts in the workplace. We also find ways to sustainably improve personal health care. This includes participation in regional sporting events, or the offer of protective vaccinations.
  • We attach great importance to ergonomic workplaces. That's why, in addition to height-adjustable desks in administration areas, we use pneumatic vacuum lifters, lifting tables and electric lift trucks in our production, logistics and warehouse facilities. This is how we constantly improve the workplaces for our employees.
  • The mental health of our employees has been increasingly in focus over recent years. In Germany, the Occupational Health and Safety Act prescribes the recording of mental stress according to the GDA (Joint German Occupational Health and Safety Strategies). Resulting measures are implemented by our supervisors in each department, and the recording is regularly repeated.
  • Our business integration management policy (BIM), which has already won an award, seeks to jointly manage the incapacity to work of our employees, and to prevent potential illnesses.
  • A major employee survey conducted in 2019 enabled us to reposition our brand and derive measures to increase employee satisfaction. In 2020, we managed to go 2,500 days without any reportable occupational accidents.
  • We continuously train first aiders and fire protection officers, and provide appropriate further training based on this.

Our goals:

  • We are constantly working on the certification of our occupational health and safety by introducing an occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001. Certification of this management system took place in the middle of 2022.
  • In 2022 we want to restrict the number of our reportable occupational accidents to 0, true to our motto "Accident-free is our goal".
  • Renovation of the break rooms
  • Home working or on-site working: Hesse relies on a reasonable mix
  • E-charging stations for employees and customers