High levels of competence in plant management

Hesse-Lignal is the market leader in Germany for “intelligent” lacquers and stains. The foundation for this is provided by sophisticated production processes. We can draw on our many years of experience in the field of plant management. This know-how has been consistently developed further in recent years, in collaboration with renowned equipment and machinery manufacturers. Our R&D (research and development) centre boasts the largest, most modern coating and lacquering machine park in Europe.
It is the hub for our engineers, coating laboratory workers and users to exchange expert knowledge. The technology and machinery in use there represent the latest state of the art. The R&D centre covers over 2500 square metres. In addition to a 40 metre long, fully-equipped rolling line, there are sophisticated drying systems, such as microwave dryers for water-based lacquers and UV dryers. The most modern UV drying techniques, based on energy-saving LED technology, are also available to customers. The R&D centre acts as a forum for intensive exchange of knowledge between all participants and creates cost-saving synergies. Conventional spray techniques are also available. The advantage for our customers is that they have the ability to try out new techniques, or newly developed machinery from the prototype stage right through to series production, using various different coating materials. This helps reassure them that they are making the right decisions.