Fine interior doors, perfectly protected

Door coating

Colour-resistant UV systems can be used on well-filled matt to silky matt surfaces.

White-coated door

Modern HYDRO-UV lacquers allow you to obtain an elegant surface with outstanding qualities.

We are at home when it comes to finishing doors

Door coatings have been part of our core business for decades. Traditional UV lacquers, HYDRO lacquers or combinations of HYDRO and UV lacquers are used with the single level method and in automatic spraying systems for industrial door coatings. Hesse provides coating systems for all programmes. You can also use new coating and hardening procedures such as the modern UV LED technique with our products. Open- and closed-pore, opaque coloured, transparent or clear coated. We take on all of the challenges of day-to-day production in the door industry and work together with our customers to find bespoke solutions that perfectly match your requirements. Naturally we also offer a high quality of product for manual door coatings.

Suitable products

White spray (HDF)

HUW 8828-9343: good adhesion
UP 7481-9343: outstanding opacity
HUB 855-9010: very good levelling, stylish surface

Coloured UV roller coating

HUW 8828-9343 good adhesion

UP 7481-9343 good opacity

UB 75123-9343 elegant finish

Clear roller coating (veneer)

UG 7430 closed-pore: excellent filling qualities
UG 7541 open-pore: very easy to sand, also suitable for dark wood surfaces
UU 7333x good mechanical resistance, light-fast

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