Glass coating

Accentuate the look with glass

Glass lacquer

Hesse glass lacquers meet the highest requirements of resistance for a wide range of uses.

Glass lacquer

Less transparency increases curiosity.

Glass lacquer

Hesse lacquers provide glass partition walls the required privacy.

Obtain a great effect with creative class coating

In order to bring the outdoors into the home, architects like installing large areas of glass on the south and west sides. A lot of glass is also used inside in order to use as much of the entering light in as many rooms as possible. Glass partition doors and walls, partly with screening or artistic elements. Such glass items used to be satined, etched or sand blasted. Now glass is simply coated.

The benefits of glass coating stand out in a number of respects: The most important is certainly cost effectiveness. In general, coated glass in smaller batch sizes is more cost effective than glass processed in the usual way. A further plus point is the significantly improved resistance against the demands of fat, dirt and hand perspiration. The top surface of the glass is not roughened but well protected by the layer of lacquer. In addition, any colour tone - transparent, see-through or opaque - desired can be applied to match the interior design. Further individual options are possible by using stencils, pictograms etc.

For all of this we over a comprehensive range of products, from traditional polyurethane lacquers right up to innovative water-based glass lacquers. All solvent- and water-based versions are particularly light-fast and chemical- and water resistant (DIN 68861 Part 1B) as well as safe and easy to work with. Hesse glass lacquers can also be used in very demanding areas, such as in hospitals.

Overall, glass is an ideal substrate for surface treatment. There are no disruptive or influencing substances, such as with wood or wood-like materials. We also have specific products in our range for cleaning (pre-treatment).

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Suitable products

Polyurethane coloured glass lacquer

DB 42105-FT: easy to work with, few steps, very good resistance.

Polyurethane specialist primer for glass

DG 4744: Specialist primer for glass, particularly transparent and light-fast, a bonding agent that can be used anywhere for all common polyurethane systems.


Sand blasting, etching and satin effect

Sand blasting, etching and satin effect

HDU 57270: Sand blasting effect
HDU 57260: Etching effect
HDU 57120: Satin effect
Resistant, translucent, even build-up of effect, can be coloured.

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