Internal fit-out

Products for individual surfaces


Naturally we comply with all current standards relating to interior finishes.

Wall coating for interior features

Ceiling and wall coating with very good resistance is paired here with a sophisticated look and feel.

Stair lacquer for interior features

Design individual features with polyurethane or HYDRO lacquers.

Decorative metal

Robust stair lacquer that does not creak next to a cupboard made of 'decorative metal'.

Creative surfaces for interior finishes

Creativity and, above all, skilful planning, is required for interior finishes. All technical options are considered here when putting the interior's designers ideas into practice. Selecting the most cost-effective materials plays a very important role here.

The comprehensive range of Hesse products offers a huge range of options for this sector: From the classic all-rounder in the clear polyurethane or HYDRO sector, through infinite colour tones in the field of stains and coloured lacquers, right up to unique effect versions. Naturally we comply with all current standards relating to interior finishes such as DIN 4102-B1 regarding fire performance or DIN 68861 part 1B. Not only many 'seats of political power' but also hotels, restaurants, museums, businesses and office buildings have been improved with our lacquers and stains.

Your ideas and our know-how continue to create new and unique surfaces. We believe that, particularly in the field of internal finishing, individual advice has a role to play. As conditions vary from object to object, we use stain cards, colour tone cards and coated wood, glass or metal surfaces to allow you to make the right choice of your ideal material. Contact us.

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Suitable products

HYDRO stair lacquers

HE 6542x-0100: tough, PVC-resistant, transparent, resistant to creams and perspiration, thixotrope, light-fast, good abrasive qualities for a creak-free coating.


HB 65285-FT: Solvent content < 3%, good opacity, good body, good tension, PVC-resistant, light-fast, resistant to creams and perspiration, elegant, scratch-resistant surface.

Hydrolack Innenausbau


HE 6509X: Solvent content < 3%, good tension, good body, light-fast, PVC-resistant, very good chemical and mechanical resistance.

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