Kitchen and bathroom

First-class coatings for in-demand surfaces

Well protected with Hesse - no traces are left behind by makeup, steam etc.

Kitchen high gloss

High quality coatings demonstrate the highest level of production know-how.

Kitchen coatings

All surfaces comply with DIN 68861.

Stained kitchen

The stain brings life to this kitchen and the lacquers provides reliable protection for the surfaces.

Strong surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom

The surfaces of kitchen and bathroom furniture require special treatment. Hot steam, split coffee or red wine should not leave any trace on furniture. You can use Hesse lacquers and stains to protect your kitchens and bathrooms so that even after years of use they shine like new. We test all products for use in this area in accordance with our in-house kitchen standards that naturally include the essential DIN 68861. Glass fronts for premium use are also our speciality.

As kitchen and bathroom furniture is often coated as modular units, care needs to be taken to ensure that the tone matches for all parts, whether fronts, bodies, shelves etc. Our quality assurance process also ensures reproducibility of colour tones, thus always ensuring the correct tone with repeat orders as well.

Suitable products


HUU 8608(GG): this HYDRO-UV multicoat lacquer (dull mat - satin gloss) for all interior fitting satisfies the highest demands and is extremely resistant to scratches and chemical influences

HYDRO-UV coloured lacquer


HUB 85(gloss level)-(colour tone): efficient, industrial finish, surface ready in only 10 minutes, very good chemical and mechanical resistance.

2 C-HYDRO coloured lacquer

HDB 5470x-FT: coloured coating lacquers with excellent resistance, and a sophisticated feel that can be used in both crafts and industry


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