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Here, we regularly present our new products.

These newly developed lacquers are perfectly suitable for the craft.

OPTI-BASE is an especially transparent base coat and excellent for closed-pore and very stable surface processes. Ideally suitable as an isolation sealer and base coat with very good body under high gloss. Given its thixotropic lacquer formulation, there are no problems with applying high coat thicknesses to vertical surfaces or edges

FANTASTIC-FILL is a polyurethane isolation primer with excellent body and remarkable surface smoothness, which in parallel optimises sanding characteristics and shortens the sanding process. Its application-friendly thixotropy also facilitates application on edges and vertical components, without negatively impacting levelling on horizontal surfaces.
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Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour lacquer can be used to create unique pieces for interior fittings and on furniture and doors. Produce the most beautiful metallic effects with coarse to fine metallics, from silver, copper and gold colour tones through to modern, bright metallics.
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Fast-drying, butanone oxime-free mixture of natural oils, combined with alkyd resins refined with natural oils. Special innovative and non-labeled siccatives allow it to dry extremely fast for an oil. The carefully selected, aromatic-free solvents are also used in cosmetic products. The material is Decopaint-compliant and is characterized by excellent levelling, outstanding pore wetting and a pleasant look and feel.

This is a mixture of natural oils and natural waxes combined with alkyd resins refined with natural oil. Our fast drying oil is free from cobalt, butanone oxime and aromatic compounds. It contains a light stabiliser and protects against colour changes significantly longer than comparable oils. It penetrates very well into wood, maintaining the open porosity and breathability of the wood surface. The surface remains anti-static and appears untreated, but it is abrasion-proof and water repellent.

Strong thixotropic 1C HYDRO Metallic colour lacquer with good ability to stay on vertical surfaces and uniform effect formation. This light fast coloured lacquer is available in many colors and is particularly suitable for coating three-dimensional parts.

The PICEA Softwood stain WN produces brilliantly clear stain images with a positive effect. The colour of the dark rings in the softwood are enhanced. The stains are universally applicable in solvent- and water-based lacquer systems. PICEA Softwood stains WNS also contain pigments for white to pastel-coloured colour tones under PUR lacquers. Dyes from the latest generation produce glowing and light-stable stain images.

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An ultra-portable, Bluetooth® connected colour selection device, ColorReaderPRO provides industry-leading colour matching performance.
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Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour card

Creative Metallic Lack

Another highlight of the innovation days was the new metallic colour card. In it we have selected 112 different metallic shades. The appropriate Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour lacquer DB 46555-colour tone offers an unlimited effect variety, since all shades can be mixed with each other. Order your Hesse creative-metallic colour card directly under the article number XFCM (Protection fee €15 plus VAT).

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These new products are particularly applicable for industrial processing.

HYDRO-UV Colour lacque

FABULAC is the HYDRO-UV Colour lacquer for all industrial applications where very good resistance is required (new standards in terms of feel, durability and readiness-for-use). Application in the dual-cure procedure with the addition of hardener enables excellent opacity to be achieved in all colour ranges. FABULAC attains the following resistances: DIN 68861 1B (chemical resistance), 2D (abrasion resistance), 4E (scratch resistance).

The Hesse DIACOLOR is a colour lacquer which is processed in various ways. The lacquer is ideally processed on a spraying unit with subsequent drying and UV curing systems in industrial applications. However, it is possible to paint the DIACOLOR like a conventional 2-component water lacquer using manual spraying stands and without special drying equipment. This is especially done for components which do not fit through the industrial systems. The remarkable feature of the lacquer is that the final result is nearly identical in both colour tone and gloss level. The benefits are obvious: you only need one lacquer for multiple fields of application and can enjoy large savings on storage and handling costs.

UV-activated system with a natural oil base, dull matt, colorless and ready to use. Conforms with the requirements for naturalness according to ÖNORM C 2380.