A wide range of shades for wood, plastic and glass

An unlimited effect variety by mixing of colour tones

Another highlight of the innovation days was the new metallic colour card. In it we have selected 112 different metallic shades. The appropriate Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour lacquer DB 46555-colour tone offers an unlimited effect variety, since all shades can be mixed with each other. The mixture is done manually or with the fully automatic paste mixing machine "Paint Express".

The recipe of the coatings is specially formulated for application on a wide variety of carriers. By using another hardener, this new quality also allows us to paint on different plastics and on glass.

The shades on the color card were deliberately applied on foil in order to simulate a silk mat coating from one side and a glossy one or a behind-glass coating from the other side.

Innovation days

Here, you will find the complete products catalogue of the Innovation days 2017.



DB 46555-(colour tone)

Create the most beautiful metallic effects with coarse to fine metallics, from silver, copper and gold shades to modern coloured metallics.

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Order your Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour card under article number XFCM directly from your customer advisor or your Hesse-Lignal delivery point.

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The HYDRO version

HB 65445-(colour tone)

Strongly thixotropic 1C Hydro Metallic colour lacquer with a good stand on vertical surfaces and a uniform effect building. The lightfast colour lacquer is available in many shades, resulting in an exclusive metal look. Product details

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