New member of the popular FANTASTIC family

Meet almost 100 % of all demands for interior fittings

The youngest "sprout" in the family is innovative FANTASTIC-NATURA.

Velvety, warm and wonderful - despite coating, you can feel and see the raw, freshly-sanded wood. This pure natural look can, however, be protected using the new solvent-based PU lacquer FANTASTIC-NATURA.

The surfaces provide the best mechanical and chemical resistances (DIN 68861 - 1B). It can be used on all interior fittings and throughout living areas. Our new natural talent meets the requirements for food certification (ISEGA) and is suitable for use on children's toys (EN 71 - 3). FANTASTIC-NATURA also fully meets fire protection requirements in all areas: The IMO resolution for the fitting out of ship interiors has been met and, furthermore, this new natural talent meets both the German DIN 4102 B1 and the European DIN EN13501. Do you share our excitement? You can find further details on our new development here.

You will, of course, already know the qualities of the rest of the family.

Here is a little reintroduction:

  •  FANTASTIC-FILLProduct page (Plugin) is a powerful PU pigment filler and provides "the base" for MDF.
  •  FANTASTIC-COLOR brings "colour into play" and is a complete all-rounder. This PU colour lacquer is light fast, provides a high solid content and, due to its high opacity, is very practical and universally usable.
  • The transparent "all-rounder" for the surface is FANTASTIC-CLEAR, a light fast, transparent PU multicoat lacquer, which is also an excellent top coat. Interestingly, this top coat also comes in an ultra matt variant.
  •  And our new "natural talent", FANTASTIC-NATURA, is a PU lacquer, which provides a natural optic and feel with the best level of protection.

The best thing about this family is that each member is impressive on its own and compatible with many wood species and other lacquers. Together, however, the FANTASTICS are unbeatable!

Take advantage of the practical benefits of this innovative quartet.


  • only require one hardener and one thinner
  • are low-flammable, according to EN 130501
  • are uncomplicated and easy to handle
  • have a very good chemical and mechanical resistance (DIN 68861 - 1B)

Here is an overview of the combination possibilities:

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In the brochures you will find many details about
the complete FANTASTIC-family

The strong colour duo

Colour lacquering


FANTASTIC-FILL as a base for a strong substrate; FANTASTIC-COLOR provides the colour tone

Transparent protection



FANTASTIC-CLEAR: The exquisite, transparent protection for your wood or as a top coat for coloured surfaces.

Ultra matt variants

Clear lacquer ultramatt


The dull-matt FANTASTIC-CLEAR ULTRAMATT is impressive because it does not shine.

Pure nature



FANTASTIC-NATURA: The new natural talent provides the perfect protection, paired with pure, natural optics and feel

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