The innovative PU-lacquer-trio for 95 % of all surface demands in the field of interior fittings

The latest development from Hesse Lignal completes the FANTASTIC family. FANTASTIC-CLEAR is a colourless multi-coat lacquer complementing FANTASTIC-FILL and FANTASTIC-COLOR.

Each product can be combined with just one hardener (DR 4071) and one thinner (DV 4900). This reduces storage requirements and improves cost effectiveness. The innovative and universal formulation of the three FANTASTICs enable 95 % coverage of all interior surface finishing requirements.

Here are the advantages of the FANTASTIC-family:

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PU primer

DP 4755-9343: a very high-build PU primer with remarkable surface smoothness, which optimises and reduces sanding and application times. Packaging sizes: 7 kg, 25 kg Technical information


PU colour lacquer FANTASTIC-COLOR

PU colour lacquer

DB 4888x(gloss level)-(colour): a lightfast and user-friendly 2C polyurethane colour lacquer. The required opacity is achieved in just one application.
Packaging sizes: 1 l, 5 l, 25 l
Technical information


transparent polyurethane lacquer FANTASTIC-CLEAR

transparent PU-lacquer

DE 4877x(gloss level): a lightfast, transparent PU lacquer. It is suitable as a multi-coat lacquer on all customary woods or as an excellent finishing lacquer over FANTASTIC-COLOR. (sizes: 5 l, 25 l) Technical information

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