No more wasting materials!

20 % less sanding required and it can be processed for 8 hours!

FANTASTIC-FILL is a polyurethane isolation primer with excellent body and remarkable surface smoothness, which in parallel optimises sanding characteristics and shortens the sanding process. Its application-friendly thixotropy also facilitates application on edges and vertical components, without negatively impacting levelling on horizontal surfaces. Even after brief drying, a surface treated with FANTASTIC-FILL can easily be lacquered from the rear and stored in a trolley. FANTASTIC-FILL has deliberately been developed for process-oriented, powdery manual and machine sanding.

Here are the advantages of the FANTASTIC-FILL DP 4755-9943:

  • No more long drying times: It is possible to sand down FANTASTIC-FILL after just two hours of drying time with isolation primer quality
  • FANTASTIC-FILL can be processed when mixed over a full working day with no problems and no need to thin the product.

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Our Product manager

Thomas Feldmann says

"Why spend a fortune on primers which then require laborious sanding?"

This was the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of the development process.

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