Your new natural talent, FANTASTIC-NATURA

Velvety, warm and wonderful - despite coating, you can still feel the raw, freshly-sanded wood

Do you also love this special original and natural haptic?

A lot of passion went into developing the new PU lacquer FANTASTIC-NATURA! Everyone who works with wood loves the special feel of pure, natural wood. Even after the final, fine wood sanding, you just want to stroke the surface. As a lacquer processor, you are the real wood expert. That's why we listened to several customers in the early phases of development. Our objective was clear: After coating, the raw wood should be perceptible in both optics and feel. The result should be a solvent-based, natural wood effect, which lets the natural beauty of light and dark wood shine whilst providing a good degree of protection.

Natural wood with the perfect protection and simple application

The resulting product is FANTASTIC-NATURA DA 48660 (MV 10 : 1 DR 4071), with the perfect protection via mechanical and chemical resistance (DIN 68861 - 1B). It can be used on all interior fittings and throughout living areas. The coated surfaces are given food certification (ISEGA) and authorisation for use in children's toys (EN 71 - 3).

FANTASTIC-NATURA also fully meets fire protection requirements in all areas: The IMO resolution for the fitting out of ship interiors has been met and, furthermore, this new natural talent meets both the German DIN 4102 B1 and the European DIN EN13501.

In our opinion, the best thing however is: The wood continues to shine in all its natural beauty! It looks and feels just like raw wood. There is another positive characteristic with this new product. Like the HYDRO lacquers, FANTASTIC-NATURA is white in colour when liquid. That makes application much easier. When coating, any surface expert will notice whether the coat thickness is spread uniformly across the entire object. Through this quality alone, the lacquer amount can be controlled better and, in practice, the overall lacquer consumption will be reduced. The most important thing however is: after complete drying, the surface will be transparent, dull matt and beautiful.

How does it differ from other natural wood effect lacquers?

Because we have been working with natural wood effect lacquers DE 42900-0003 and DA 400-1 for a long time in this industry segment, we would like to present the differences here in brief:

The biggest difference is definitely the feel. The "old" ones also provide a natural wood effect look. Experts, however, may feel a slightly "lacquered" surface. The "new" one definitely offer more in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance. FANTASTIC-NATURA can be used for heavily stressed areas. With the previous natural wood effect lacquers, this issue was sometimes circumvented by top coating over another transparent lacquer. This also made it possible to achieve different gloss levels. It is generally also possible to apply a Top coat using on FANTASTIC-NATURA but due to the top level of resistance and higher certifications it is no longer necessary. It is only required if a more glossy surface is desired instead of a dull matt surface.

Left: DA 400-1 Right: FANTASTIC-NATURA

The comparison highlights the differences at a glance:

Product qualitiesNatural wood effect
DE 42900-0003 / DA 400-1
DA 48660
Natural/brightening effect (optics)+++++
Natural wood feel++++
Mechanical resistance++++
Chemical resistance++++
Coating bright wood species+++++
Coating dark wood species-++
Combinable with FANTASTIC-CLEAR and ULTRAMATT++++
Ease of application+++++
Drying speed++++++
Lacquer sanding+++++
ISEGA certificate (suitable for coating in contact with food)NoYes
DIN EN 71 - 3 (Suitable for the painting of children's toys)NoYes
See - BG test certificate (IMO - suitable for coating ship interiors)NoYes
DIN 4102 B1 (German DIN for low flammability)NoYes
EN 13501 (European DIN for low flammability)NoYes

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