The dull matte surface possesses outstanding scratch resistance

Certified for use in "Green Buildings"!

Until now dull matt and extremely scratch resistant lacquer surfaces could only be achieved through laborious drying methods (high-energy UV or EBH radiation, baking, etc.). We have now changed that. Our Hesse HYDRO-PUR MATO HDU 54200 makes it possible even at room temperature, i.e. without extra drying effort. A single spray application on a real wood surface with a clear base coat or a surface with a colour lacquer base coat is sufficient. Then allow it to dry at room temperature and it's ready. Better is the enemy of good.

MATO can be applied both manually using a cup gun and by sprayer (airless or air-mix). Its dull matt surface is also convincing due to a soft-touch effect combined with high chemical and mechanical resistance. It not only scores well due to its looks, but the feel of this new lacquer system is so persuasive it adds extra value in and of itself.

We have also equipped the lacquer system with self-healing properties to improve the quality of the surface and further increase its functional efficiency. The minimal solvent content of below 4 % after curing also makes MATO interesting for "Green Building" applications. Should a minor scratch or soiling appear despite the resilient surface, simply wipe it with a damp cloth, gently wipe it dry, done. The marks and minor damage will have disappeared. These highlights alone make Hesse HYDRO-PUR MATO HDU 54200 extremely versatile. In addition to the classic application in the decorative furniture sector, it can also be used in areas where particularly resistant surfaces are required. MATO has convinced customers even in these sensitive areas.

Until then the surfaces are "normally" resilient. The original colour tone of the substrate will be largely retained when HYDRO-PUR MATO is used as a top coat on coloured surfaces, despite the dull matt gloss level and the outstanding surface properties. The result for HYDRO-PUR MATO in the Martindale test (a test for scratch and abrasion resistance) is very good compared to similar polyurethane, HYDRO UV and UV materials, and this confirms its practicality. It is self-evident that the material is also Decopaint compliant and meets the requirements of EN 71-3 (Safety of children's toys; 2017-10) and of DIN 53160 (Parts 1 & 2; Resistance to saliva and perspiration). Curious? Then try out our HYDRO-PUR MATO HDU 54200 under your own set of circumstances and assess for yourself whether its surface quality meets your high aspirations.

Here are the advantages of the Hesse HYDRO-PUR MATO HDU 54200:

  • Dull matt surface appearance
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Self-healing effect in the event of minor damage

The Hesse HYDRO-PUR MATO is the headline story of our lacktuell Industry No. 74 issue.


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