The invisible look gives the wood a timeless allure

Natural wood look, perfectly protected with INVIPRO-OIL!

This non-accentuating oil leaves the surface with a completely raw and unlacquered look and penetrates the wood very well. The surface, which is open-pored and breathable, may appear untreated, but it is nonetheless anti-static, abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. So not only is it better protected, the wood also lasts longer and is easier to clean than a bare wood surface. The dull matte genuine wood surfaces therefore retain their individual and exclusive character for longer.

Hesse INVIPRO-OIL is an aromatic-free, fast-drying mixture of natural oils and natural waxes combined with natural oils refined with alkyd resins. This oil is free from cobalt and butanone oxime and contains light stabilizer, so it protects against colour changes for significantly longer than comparable oils.

All this with a simple, ordinary application method: the oil is applied, lightly sanded and then the excess is removed. Repeat this work sequence after brief intermediate drying.

See for yourself: this quick-drying, aromatic-free oil looks particularly attractive on light wood!

Benefits of Hesse INVIPRO-OIL OE 52860 at a glance:

• Natural wood effect; the surface appears as if it were untreated
• aromatic-freeand formulated with light protection
• simple application, typical for oils

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Oil for wood


Order number: OE 52860

Container size: : 1 l, 2.5 l, 25 l

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Hesse’s oxi-reactive oil for rolling is highly suitable for industrial coating of flat sections.




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