PICEA Pine stain

convincing due to its ease of application and attractive positive effect

This new stain can be used universally beneath HYDRO, PU and CN lacquers.

Picea is the Latin name for pine. The name for this stain was obvious, since the new stain is primarily intended for use on this wood. Yet our stain is not only for use on pine - it can also be applied on other softwoods like fir.

Major emphasis was placed on universal and easy application when developing PICEA pine stain. The stain can be applied using a wide variety of spray guns, but even the classic application by stain brush is decidedly simple. It is therefore irrelevant whether the wood is sanded, brushed, sandblasted or machined.

After 4 hours drying, the typical wood colour tone develops with its positive alpine effect, which accentuates the dark, hard growth rings. The vibrant PICEA stains in the WN range can be coated with Hydro, PU, or CN lacquers, so that only one stain is required for each individual application. Matters are nicely rounded off by a new stain card for the positive stains: alongside the vibrant, brilliant colours, it presents even grey to pastel colour tones in the WNS range, which are ideally finished using PU lacquers.

PICEA stains can be used wherever a welcoming atmosphere is desirable: they are equally at home in catering establishments or on softwood style furniture as they are on wall coverings in interior design. Because that is the true strength of lovingly stained fittings in pine and fir: they exude the feeling of comfort and homeliness.

The advantages of PICEA stains at a glance:

  • A pronounced positive effect 
  • WN colour tones are universally usable
  • Simple application

Service: Stain cards provides a good overview of all stains.

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The stain sample card

Pine stain

shows the colour tones

The matching stain sample card "HYDRO Stains on Pine" provides an overview of the colour tones. This card can gladly be ordered from us by quoting product number XBK 7


HYDRO lacquer as protection

Hesse HYDRO Laquer


HE 6509x(Gloss level): a light fast, colourless 1C multicoat lacquer with very good chemical and mechanical resistance and good sanding properties; LM <3 %, equates to DIN EN 71-3, for "Green Building" projects

Coating with PU lacquer

Hesse PUR-Laquer


DE 55x(Gloss level): a light fast and transparent multicoat lacquer, universally usable, easy to apply, excellent adhesion properties

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