Ideal protection for structured woods and wood species with coarse pores

New possibilities using UV roller application

Open-pore coatings are fully on trend due to their natural texture and pleasant feel. Until now, any open-pore surfaces coated via UV roller application were difficult to clean. Innovative Hesse POREGUARD application technology has consigned this problem to the past. POREGUARD can even coat the pores during UV roller application. This ensures value retention and facilitates surface cleaning.

This special roller application enables the pores to be properly coated, thus retaining the natural pore pattern yet also providing protection. The specific system configuration combined with a matching Hesse coating concept means you can also coat the pores in future.

Our new POREGUARD technology is already the subject of a patent application (Hesse EP 3453464 A2 and EP 19150746). Interested companies from the parquet and furniture industries can conclude a license agreement with Hesse to enable them to use this new technology for their own purposes.

For modern UV rolling lines – all POREGUARD advantages at a glance:

  • Also coats the pores, not just the surface
  • Open-pore appearance
  • Elegant pore marking, not thick
  • Immediately easy to clean
  • For parquet and table tops, as examples
  • For durable coatings
  • For enthusiastic customers



Do you have any questions?

Ralf Untiedt in Product Management will be happy to provide any information you need on our new POREGUARD technology.


This sketch illustrates the new protection for a deep pore: The pore is only insufficiently or not at all protected by UV roller lacquer without POREGUARD technology. The lacquer wets all of the pores when POREGUARD technology is used.

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