Towards the future with a clear conscience - RESISTCOLOR

The new HYDRO-PUR colour lacquer is resistant and convinces without solvents.

Is water-based paint an alternative for you?

Are you looking for a fully-fledged and sustainable alternative to the solvent-based PU lacquer systems you normally use? Then the water-based RESISTCOLOR is now the perfect match for you and your good conscience.

Some of our colleagues are already whispering about the new PU lacquer killer.

You too will soon be convinced. This new 2K-HYDRO lacquer is very easy to apply. It has excellent flow properties and shows its advantages especially with forced drying. Even heavy workpieces can be stacked or further processed the following day.

Here are a few facts: RESISTCOLOR is a lightfast topcoat for priming and finishing. As a two-component lacquer, it achieves the highest levels of resistance. It gives both mechanical and chemical stress the cold shoulder. It fully complies with DIN 68861-1B in all respects and enables the new colourful all-rounder to be used in all areas of interior design. It really doesn't matter whether you want to coat surfaces for the kitchen, bathroom, doors, shop fitting or other objects. Some customers are already testing it as a low-solvent alternative product for their series production. With it, everything is conceivable!

Another statement in the direction of sustainability

Without getting political, "green" is the best colour for this product.

It is clear that the UN sustainability goals must be taken into account in all areas. In this context, industrial companies are particularly challenged to keep finding new environmentally compatible product solutions. With the new development of this modern water-based paint system, we would like to convince you on the subject of "sustainability".

Subject the top varnish of the future to extensive tests yourself. You can judge the look and feel of this surface simply by taking a free sample from our sample shop. If you prefer to paint yourself immediately, order HYDRO-PUR RESISTCOLOR directly under item number HDB 5434x(gloss level)-(colour).

All details with technical information, safety data sheet and process example can be found under this link.



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For some places of application, for example for the "creak-free" staircase, the use of a special HYDRO primer can be useful. In this case, we recommend HYDRO-PRIMO as the first coat.

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