Parquet coating

Best protection for you wooden flooring

Parquet lacquer

Fine, beautifully stained surfaces that stand out for their toughness.

Light oak parquet lacquer

We meet with the best abrasion grades for both the private and industrial sectors.

LVT coated

Hesse UV lacquer provides robust LVT flooring with perfect resistance.

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The floor looks like it has not be coated but is perfectly protected by Hesse Pura Natura.


Industrial parquet coating meets the highest demands.

Several million square metres of parquet are produced every day using the ultra-modern single level method. We estimate that this takes first place for coating clear oaks with a beautiful matt to semi matt look. Industrial-produced wooden flooring must meet the highest requirements with regard to abrasion-resistance and toughness. By way of example, the latest Hesse HYDRO-UV and UV lacquers with a high solid content are applied to the surface as a liquid material at only 60 - 120 g/m² to build up four to six layers of lacquer in order to obtain the best results. However, this grammage varies depending on whether of an open- or closed-pore effect is required on the surface. LVT floors, currently very trendy, are also finished with UV lacquers. A second coating results in very resistant and elastic surfaces, even with the thinnest of coats.


Parquet with individual, perfect protection

The variety of types of wood and the differences in their colours and structures make every floor unique. Elegance, sensuality and individuality are qualities increasingly brought by wooden floors to all areas of daily life. Whether in the living room or nursery, in the kitchen, in the office, in public buildings or restaurants, wood is the choice for flooring and is all the rage. Wood is just as versatile in the way it is used as its qualities: Wood can add a traditional, natural, ecological, intelligent, contemporary or modern feel to the floor. From traditional oak and beech up to exclusive walnut parquet or exotic woods. Individuality wins the day when selecting the type of wood and how the parquet floor is sealed.



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Suitable products


PURA Natura

HDE 52-0: two-component Hydro acrylic PUR lacquer, abrasion resistant, tough, lightening, dull matt, light fast. (Natural wood effect)

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Oxi-Reactive oil - roller coating

UV activated system on a natural oil base, matt, clear and ready to use, antibacterial (ISO 22196), free from acrylates and formaldehyde, Blue Angel label according to RAL - UZ 176, ...
ROG 7985 Base oil
RO 79861 Top oil

Diamond seal

UU 75830: UV curing Diamond Finish for industrial parquet coating, dull matt, for natural looking floorings with good mechanical resistance properties.
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