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  • Hesse 1K PU coat DE 41-x(gloss level)

    Single-component PU sealing wax which, through its reaction with air humidity, hardens completely to an extremely resistant protective film that is particularly well filling, highly abrasion resistant and hard-wearing. A Coating lacquer for priming and final lacquering... Show product
  • Hesse 2C HYDRO pigment filler HDP 5640-9005

    Two-component HYDRO acrylic primer, water-soluble, pigmented, thixotropic formulation, well structured and can be machine-sanded. Free from methylpyrrolidon. Show product
  • Hesse 2C HYDRO Filler HDP 5640-9343

    Pigment filler HDP 5640-9343 is an IMO-certified 2C primer with a broad field of application and is especially suitable for highly durable surfaces, such as those in wet rooms. Its filling power and thixotropy make this HYDRO-acrylate product especially easy to use. Our... Show product
  • Hesse 2C HYDRO Pigment filler HDP 5641-9343

    Two component HYDRO acrylic basecoat, water dilutable pigmented, thixotropic formula, with very good body, machine-sandable. Isolation sealer on MDF with a broad range of uses. Free from methyl-pyrrolidone. Content of solvent (also after hardening) < 3 %. ... Show product
  • Hesse 2C HYDRO-PU Brilliant lacquer HDE 54799

    Two component HYDRO-PU acrylate lacquer with good body, water soluble, clear, high gloss and with outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. It can be polished and buffed, PVC-resistant, cream and sweat resistant and light fast. Free from N-methylpyrrolidone and... Show product
  • Hesse 2C Reactive-colour coat RSB 96284-(colour tone)

    Two-component alkyd-reactive coloured lacquer, free of aromatic compounds, particularly well filling, almost entirely resistance to metallic rings, PVC-resistant and rapid drying. Coloured topcoat for closed-pore coatings. Show product
  • Hesse 2C Reactive filler RSP 94520-9343

    Dual-component alkyd-reactive pigment filler, free from aromatic compounds, particularly good filling power, quick-drying and well sandable. Filling primer for closed-pore applications. Show product
  • Hesse 2C Reactive system RSE 9545x(gloss level)

    Two-component active alkyd lacquer, particularly good filling properties, clear, quick-drying and PVC-resistant. Multi-coat lacquer for base and top coats. Show product
  • Hesse PU ADAMANT DU 48999

    ADAMANT is a clear and extremely scratch-resistant high gloss lacquer. This easy to apply and light fast lacquer material can be polished and buffed after a 16 h drying time. With a solids content of 70% the product is Decopaint compliant and formulated to be process... Show product
  • Hesse Antique Pre-Stain WAV 58-(colour tone) for spraying

    HYDRO stains that are used as special stains to achieve an antique effect on porous or highly textured woods. Unique stain finishes can be obtained when combined with a WAV pre-stain, with which for instance you can create a weathered surface. Show product