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  • Proterra Oil GE 110

    Linseed oil based oil, low-viscosity, low-solvent, with no siccatives containing lead or cobalt, with good penetration characteristics for deep impregnation; for open-pored, vapour-permeable surfaces. With marked accentuation of the wood grit. Show product
  • Hesse PU Glass lacquer DU 42260-0001 Etching Effect

    A light-fast, colourless dual-component PU acrylic resin glass lacquer. Resilient and scratch resistant. The finishing lacquer is specially formulated for glass coatings, and produces the required etch effect once dry. Show product
  • Hesse MEGA-PU Basecoat DG 417

    MEGA-PUR Base DG 417 is ideally suited as a base coat for closed-pore and light fast coatings even on critical wood species with matching Hesse intermediate and finishing lacquers in gloss levels dull matt to high gloss. This product has good body and dries to be very... Show product
  • Hesse OLDCOUNTRY DARK stain BI 20029

    Chemical stain for achieving special effects on European oak. The stain reacts with the tannins in the oak. The result is a grey colouring of the oak with especially emphasised vascular rays. Show product
  • Hesse HYDRO-UV Multicoat lacquer HUE 86301

    Lightening natural wood effect lacquer, UV-curable, based on unsaturated acrylate resins. Water-soluble, clear, dull matt. Coating lacquer for priming and final lacquering for open-pore structures with physical drying. The wood retains its natural appearance even after... Show product
  • Hesse 2C HYDRO pigment filler HDP 5640-9005

    Two-component HYDRO acrylic primer, water-soluble, pigmented, thixotropic formulation, well structured and can be machine-sanded. Free from methylpyrrolidon. Show product
  • Hesse HYDRO-UV Basecoat HUW 8831

    Bonding primer for rolling, with excellent adhesion to the substrate and good accentuation of the wood. The product is characterised by good elasticity. UV-curing products based on unsaturated acrylate resins, water-soluble, ready to use. Show product
  • Hesse CN Pigment lacquer EB 130x(GG)-(colour)

    A single-component cellulose pigmented glaze. The coloured lacquer is quick-drying, well covering and suitable as a multicoat lacquer for priming and top coats. Show product
  • Hesse CN Lightening primer NA 11110

    Hesse CN Lightening primer NA 11110 is a clear and lightening nitrocellulose base coat. This fast drying product is ideal for open-pore surface processes. NA 11110 can be used for children’s toys when combined with matching Hesse multi-coat lacquers and top coats. ... Show product
  • Hesse HYDRO Metallic lacquer HB 65445-(colour tone)

    Strong thixotropic 1C HYDRO Metallic colour lacquer with good ability to stay on vertical surfaces and uniform effect formation. This light fast coloured lacquer is available in many colors and is particularly suitable for coating three-dimensional parts. ... Show product