Hesse Matting concentrate EL 459-0099 NEW

  • very easy subsequent matting of Hesse polyurethane lacquers
  • easy to dispense due to its low viscosity
  • dried matting concentrate can be stirred in again without any problems
EL 459-0099 NEW is a matting concentrate for reducing (matting) the gloss level of solvent-based, transparent and coloured polyurethane lacquers.
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Fields of application


Technical specifications

Appearance not relevant
Density series kg/l 0.932
Flow time (+/- 15 %) 41 s / DIN EN ISO 2431 - 3 mm
Form of delivery fluid
Non-volatile content series % 10
VOC EU % 90.099998 %

Information on use

Processing instructions Mix a matt colour lacquereasily yourself. Simply adding around 10 % Matting concentrateEL 459-0099 NEW in relation to the base lacquer of silk matt colour lacquer ranges UNA-COLOR DB 45245-(colour tone), UNA-THIX-COLOR DB 45205-(colour tone) and FANTASTIC-COLOR DB 48885-(colour tone) enables gloss level 2 (matt) to be achieved. (Example: FANTASTIC-COLOR DB 48882-(colour tone))
Mix a matt transparent PU lacquer easily yourself. Simply adding around 7 % Matting concentrate EL 459-0099 NEW in relation to the base lacquer of silk matt polyurethane lacquers UNA-PUR DE 42594, FANTASTIC-CLEAR DE 48774 and MEGA-PUR DE 45034enables gloss level 2 (matt) to be achieved.(Example: FANTASTIC-CLEAR DE 48772)
A maximum of up to 12 % Matting concentrate EL 459-0099 NEW can be added in relation to the base lacquer.
PU Colour lacquers subsequently matted using Matting concentrate EL 459-0099 NEW can without hesitation be top coated using light fast, transparent PU one-coat and top coat lacquers to obtain better chemical and mechanical resistance in the surface.
Particular instructions
The addition of Matting concentrate EL 459-0099 NEW makes the colour lacquer slightly more fluid. This may therefore require the user to reduce the addition of thinner when making spray viscosity adjustments.

Material Safety Data Sheets


Our technical information is continually adapted to keep up to date with the latest technology and statutory regulations. The latest version is always available online at www.hesse-lignal.de or talk to your local account manager. This information is for advice and is based on the best knowledge available and careful research in line with the current state of the art. This information cannot be held as legally binding. We also refer you to our terms and conditions of business. Safety data sheet is provided in accordance with EC regulation no. 1907/2006.