Hesse Additive HYDRO HZ 75 Anti-slip

Additive to increase the slip resistance of Hesse HYDRO stair and parquet lacquers. Add 10 % to the final lacquer coat.
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Fields of application

Added volume: 10 % to suitable HYDRO Sealants or HYDRO Staircase lacquers.

Technical specifications

Appearance not relevant
Density series kg/l 1.006
Flow time (+/- 15 %) 14 s / DIN 53211 - 4 mm
Form of delivery fluid
Non-volatile content series % 27.2
VOC EU % 5.49 %

Information on use

Storage temperature °C
Working temperature 20 °C
conditions of transport frost-free - up to a maximum of 35 °C
Processing instructions Introduce the additive by hand whilst stirring the HYDRO lacquer and mix until homogenous. It is usually only added to the material for the final lacquer coat.
Particular instructions Tested and validated in Hesse PURA-ONE HDE 51-x(gloss level). This material can be added to all Hesse HYDRO stair and parquet lacquers. The addition of 10 % can achieve a slip resistance class of R9 to R10 depending on the lacquer system. A higher added volume does not obtain higher slip resistance and should therefore be avoided.

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