Hesse Intensiv Cleaner GR 1901

  • Cleaning concentrate,
  • contains pH-neutral, biodegradable surfactants,
  • cleaning effect can be specifically influenced by the concentration
Cleaning concentrate for oiled and lacquered furniture, pH neutral and based on biodegradable surfactants..
The cleaning effect can be controlled by the amount of thinning.
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  • Description
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  • Sample process
  • Safety Data Sheets / Certificates

Fields of application

Diluted with water for cleaning oiled and lacquered surfaces. Also suitable for PVC, tiles and plastic surfaces.

Technical specifications

Appearance colourless
Density series kg/l 1.011
Flow time (+/- 15 %) 27 s / DIN EN ISO 2431 - 3 mm
Form of delivery fluid
Non-volatile content series % 5
VOC EU % 0.01 %

Information on use

Surface preparation Before applying the cleaning solution, test the resistance of the surface to be cleaned to Hesse Cleaner! Remove adhering particles from the surface to be cleaned with a cloth or a soft brush.
Working Temperature Range 20 - 40 °C
Storage temperature 10 - 30 °C
Working temperature 20 °C
conditions of transport frost-free - up to a maximum of 35 °C
Processing instructions Apply GR 1901 diluted with water. The higher the amount added, the stronger the cleaning effect! Intensive cleaning: For heavy soiling: Add up to a maximum of 1 : 10 (100 ml GR 1901 to 1 L water). For cleaning lacquered surfaces or for lesser degrees of soiling: Add 1 : 500 (20 ml GR 1901 to 10 L water).
Particular instructions Before applying the cleaning solution, test the resistance of the surface to be cleaned to Hesse Cleaner! Keep locked away and out of the reach of children! Containers should only be put out for recycling when they have been completely emptied. Do not wipe too wet! Wood surfaces in particular are sensitive to the effects of moisture and can be damaged under certain circumstances! Repair damaged lacquer surfaces before wet cleaning (or have them repaired)!
General instructions on workmanship Apply the cleaning solution to the surface to be cleaned using a suitable, slightly damp, soft cotton cloth, mop, etc., wipe and then allow to dry. Do not wipe too wet. For stubborn stains, repeat the procedure. If necessary, increase the concentration. If microfibre cloths are used for cleaning, please check their suitability beforehand!  according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: under 5% non-ionic surfactants. Contains fragrances, methylisothiazolinone, 1,2-benzisothiazole-3(2H)-one. Other contents: Isopropanol WRMG classification: Company code: 3777; Product number: 2021815. Data sheet for medical staff available at: info@hesse-lignal.de.

Cleaning stubborn soiling from a hardened polyurethane surface (e.g. Hesse FANTASTIC-COLOR):
Carefully remove loose dust and dirt using a suitable cloth, feather duster, etc.
Damply apply the cleaning solution consisting of 1 part GR 1901 to 20 parts water to the lacquer surface using a soft gauze or cotton cloth.
Allow to soak in briefly.
Then use light pressure to wipe the still damp surface dry using a dry, soft cloth.

Safety Data Sheets / Certificates

Material Safety Data Sheets


Our technical information is continually adapted to keep up to date with the latest technology and statutory regulations. The latest version is always available online at www.hesse-lignal.de or talk to your local account manager. This information is for advice and is based on the best knowledge available and careful research in line with the current state of the art. This information cannot be held as legally binding. We also refer you to our terms and conditions of business. Safety data sheet is provided in accordance with EC regulation no. 1907/2006.