• individual colour diversity
  • easily incorporated
Hesse OIL-COLOR-MIX are colour concentrates for creating nuances in Hesse oil products. They are light fast, have good flow properties and are easy to dispense and incorporate. They can moreover be intermixed with one another in any ratio. These high quality, light fast pigment preparations endow Hesse oil products with their exclusive colour and effect properties. So enduring and unobtrusive colour tones inspired by natural wood species can be achieved, with their inherent accentuation and particular depth of colour. Yet even vibrant, almost opaque design colour tones can be obtained. There is virtually no limit to the individual diversity of colour.
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Fields of application

Universal use in all Hesse oil products

Technical specifications

Appearance glazing
Density series kg/l 0.95 - 1.78
Flow time (+/- 15 %) nicht bestimmbar keine Angabe
Form of delivery Paste
Non-volatile content series % 46.8 - 96.5
VOC EU % 31 %

Information on use

Storage temperature 10 - 35 °C
conditions of transport frost-free - up to a maximum of 35 °C
Processing instructions At most 3 % addition for adding nuances to coloured oils or at most 15 % for tinting colourless oils.
General instructions on workmanship Stir in the colour concentrate to be homogenous. Conduct a trial application to review the colour tone.

Our technical information is continually adapted to keep up to date with the latest technology and statutory regulations. The latest version is always available online at www.hesse-lignal.de or talk to your local account manager. This information is for advice and is based on the best knowledge available and careful research in line with the current state of the art. This information cannot be held as legally binding. We also refer you to our terms and conditions of business. Safety data sheet is provided in accordance with EC regulation no. 1907/2006.