Hesse SUN-EX ZD 9501

  • highly effective light protection concentrate for light woods
Sunscreen concentrate for transparent polyurethane acrylate and alkyd systems.
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Fields of application

An excellent and very effective sunscreen concentrate is achieved by adding a maximum of 4 % Hesse SUN-EX ZD 9501 (in relation to the base lacquer) and applying it on light woods, such as maple or ash and many industrial and artificial veneers.

Technical specifications

Appearance not relevant
Flow time (+/- 15 %) 34 s / DIN EN ISO 2431 - 3 mm
Form of delivery fluid
VOC EU % 82.5 %

Information on use

Surface preparation Clean and dry wood is the prerequisite for a faultless coating.
Storage temperature 16 - 25 °C
Processing instructions Light stabilizer ZD 9501 is suitable for the following transparent Hesse polyurethane products: DE 55x(gloss level) / DE 4259x(gloss level), DE 56x(gloss level) / DE 4503x(gloss level), DE 4877x(gloss level), DE 48770-0, DG 572-1 / DG 4720-0001, DG 417 / DG 4717-0005, DG 434 / DG 4734, DG 416 / DG 4716-0002, DG 4716-0001, DG 4750. DG 468-3, DG 4760, DU 45229 and DU 44099.
Hesse products that deviate from this list must be tested. Please contact our technical hotline via +49 (0)02381 963846 or service@hesse-lignal.de to arrange this.
Particular instructions The effectiveness together with Hesse SUN-EX ZD 9501 should be tested in the event it becomes necessary.
General instructions on workmanship The addition of Sunscreen concentrate ZD 9501 does not guarantee 49 per cent colour tone stability and can result in unattractive colour tones on some dark woods (e.g. on artificial veneers). The person applying it should conduct their own test! Our Innovation Centre can, upon request, perform artificial light ageing on a sample panel you have already prepared. You then have to approve the planned coating once the light ageing has been completed. Please speak to your relevant sales representative regarding this.
The result always depends on the carrier material, the total application amount of the lacquer material used, the time factor for the coating process, as well as the application and sanding agent used. Please conduct a trial coating under practical conditions as necessary. Please also note the technical information and material safety data sheets on the individual products. If you need further assistance, please contact your Hesse sales representative, make use of our technical hotline on +49 (0)2381 963 846 or e-mail service@hesse-lignal.de.

Cabinet fronts in natural maple, ultra-matt, open-pored
Wood sanding: 150 - 180 grit (dust removal)
Bleaching: 1 x Hesse Bleaching agent HWW 224 + 5 % Hesse Bleaching activator HWB 202
Drying: > 48 h / 20 °C
Smoothing: 1 x sanding sponge, 150 - 180 grit
Basecoat: 1 x 100 - 150 g/m² Hesse FANTASTIC-CLEAR ULTRAMATT DE 48770-0 (addition of 4 % Hesse SUN-EX ZD 9501), mixing ratio (by volume) 10 : 1 with PU Hardener DR 4071, addition of 20 - 25 % Thinner DV 4900 to the lacquer/hardener mixture
Intermediate drying: > 2 h / 20 °C
Lacquer sanding: 280 - 320 grit (dust removal)
Top coat: 1 x 100 - 150 g/m² Hesse FANTASTIC-CLEAR ULTRAMATT DE 48770-0, (addition of 4 % Hesse SUN-EX ZD 9501), mixing ratio (by volume) 10 : 1 with PU Hardener DR 4071, addition of 20 - 25 % Thinner DV 4900 to the lacquer/hardener mixture
Packable: after at least 16 h / 20 °C

Material Safety Data Sheets


Our technical information is continually adapted to keep up to date with the latest technology and statutory regulations. The latest version is always available online at www.hesse-lignal.de or talk to your local account manager. This information is for advice and is based on the best knowledge available and careful research in line with the current state of the art. This information cannot be held as legally binding. We also refer you to our terms and conditions of business. Safety data sheet is provided in accordance with EC regulation no. 1907/2006.