Hesse UP Knifing putty PP 8090-9343

  • Good coverage and build
  • universally usable
  • For the automotive industry
  • Can be sanded to a powder
  • Fast-drying
Two-component putty with a polyester base, fast-drying, highly ductile, no sinkage, good sanding properties and universally usable.
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  • Description
  • Information on use
  • Sample process
  • Safety Data Sheets / Certificates

Fields of application

For removing imperfections in the substrate and filling repaired surfaces and edges. Can be used for all interior fittings, including kitchen and bath.

Technical specifications

Appearance opaque
Flow time (+/- 15 %) nicht bestimmbar * *
Non-volatile content series % 97.9
VOC EU % 2.1 %
Mixing ratio (by volume) 50 : 1 UP hardener paste PR 8590
Mixing ratio (gravimetric) 100 : 1 UP hardener paste PR 8590

Information on use

Usage time 5 - 15 min / 20 °C room temperature
Drying 5 h / 20 °C
Stackable after > 5 h / 20 °C
Surface preparation Prior to application, the surface must be sanded, clean and free of grease.
Substrate sanding grits from-to 180 - 280
Finishing After sufficient drying and careful sanding, this product can be coated with Hesse HYDRO, PU or CN coloured lacquers and with the majority of commercially-available painting varnishes. Please test the bonding between all coats!
Storage temperature 16 - 25 °C
Working temperature 20 °C
Processing instructions Apply one to two coats with hand trowel on prepared substrate. Allow the putty layer to dry thoroughly. After successful intermediate sanding, the next layer of putty can be applied. Attention: do not add more material than can be applied properly in 5 minutes!
Particular instructions Exotic woods such as macassar or knotty pine with an extremely high resin content must be prime with suitable isolating primers (e.g. PU Isolating primer DG 4720-0001). The lowest amounts of peroxide residue in the dry putty layer could trigger a chemical reaction with certain PU lacquers, creating a yellow-brown discolouration. Therefore, only use peroxide-containing lacquer systems to coat the putty layer!
General instructions on workmanship Please note the latest version of the Safety Data Sheet!

The coating process and the precise treatment parameters are adapted in each case to the respective application and drying conditions and can be found in the customer-specific process descriptions (surface techniques).

Material Safety Data Sheets


Our technical information is continually adapted to keep up to date with the latest technology and statutory regulations. The latest version is always available online at www.hesse-lignal.de or talk to your local account manager. This information is for advice and is based on the best knowledge available and careful research in line with the current state of the art. This information cannot be held as legally binding. We also refer you to our terms and conditions of business. Safety data sheet is provided in accordance with EC regulation no. 1907/2006.