Ship interior fit-outs

IMO-certified surfaces for a fine interior

Brilliant surfaces for the whole interior of the vessel.

Interior marine finishing

Hesse lacquers have a particularly good body.

IMO-certified lacquers

Our lacquers provide the highest chemical and mechanical resistances.

Thanks to IMO-certified lacquer, the cockpit receives the perfect protection, as do the sleeping, living and cooking areas.

The interior finishings of vessels require specific treatment.

The sight of large yachts is the stuff of many peoples' dreams: sailing freely and without a care around the seven oceans leading a carefree life of luxury. Furnishing a yacht involves individual, perfectly matched interior finishings that radiate exclusivity and luxury. The surfaces should feel good and also be practical in addition to looking good. The whole interior needs to meet the highest demands.

These floating hotels need coated surfaces that are particularly resistant against chemical and mechanical effects during everyday use. Marine interiors must also be tested for flame resistance in accordance with the IMO provisions and approved by the EC type examination certificate.

Hesse's comprehensive range of products contains primers, multi-coat and finishing lacquers for clear applications as well as pigmented fillers and coloured lacquers for coloured designs. Top lacquer naturally exists in different gloss levels, with high gloss coatings being in particular demand. Conventional interior marine lacquers are mainly polyurethane-based. In addition we offer other features for this sector, for example HYDRO UV lacquers or, as may apply, UV lacquers containing solvents.

All Hesse lacquers recommended for marine interiors have received EC-type Examination certification in accordance with IMO resolution MSC.61 (67) (FTP code) and are approved by the professional marine association.

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Suitable products

High gloss marine lacquer

Polyurethane brilliant lacquer

DU 45229: good filling and gloss, good resistance, particularly good scratch resistance and IMO certified.

IMO-certified lacquers

Polyurethane OPTI-BASE

DG 4750:  particularly transparent, thixotropic lacquer formulation and high filling power, guarantees optimum ability to stay on vertical surfaces, resulting in a perfect high gloss appearance, IMO certified.

Polyurethane insulating primer

Polyurethane insulating primer

DG 572-1: particularly transparent, quick-drying, low-viscous, insulating effect against wood contents, perfect preparation for closed-pore structure.

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