Polyurethane lacquers


Other names are PUR lacquer or DD lacquer (Desmodur/Desmophen).

Just as NC lacquers, PUR lacquers can be used on all surface materials. Nevertheless, the difference consists here in that a two-component system. This means that after the addition of a precisely defined quantity, a so-called potlife is to be observed. The solids content is between 20 and 50%, which still means a relatively high solvent ratio.

PUR lacquers are first dried physically by flashing-off the solvent and then chemically by polyaddition between resin and polycyonate without splitting-off by-products.

The dried and hardened lacquer film is solvent-fast and resistant to a number of chemical and mechanical influences.

As a result, PUR lacquers are suitable for demanding items such as kitchen, bathroom and office furniture as well as table tops.