The requirement for companies to instruct staff is set down in many State and trade association regulations. As such, this fundamental requirement appears in the Health and Safety Act, the Young Worker Protection Act, the Dangerous Goods Provisions or the Place of Sale provisions of the individual German Federal States. Article 4 para. 1 BGV A1 also includes this requirement: "The company shall provide the insured party with instruction on hazards arising during their activities as well as on the measures for averting them prior to starting work and then at appropriate intervals, but at least once a year". When and how often this instruction is to take place is set out in Art. 12 para. 1 of the German Workplace Protection Act as follows: "Instruction shall take place on employment, where the role changes, on the introduction of new working methods/equipment or new technology prior to the employee accepts the activity. The instruction shall be adapted to how the hazard evolves and, where required, repeated regularly". Again, Art. 4 BGV A 1 defines the intervals to be construed as regular repetition as at least "annually".