With Excimer technology, a wet UV high-gloss coated surface is moved through a chamber with low or no oxygen. This is done by feeding in nitrogen. The surface shrinks in the chamber. The degree of gloss produced depends on the corresponding degree of shrinkage. The surface is then cured. "Mattifying lacquer top coats The physical microfolding created with the 172 nm Ecximer lamp (Excirad 172) is possible without adding matting agents in UV and ESH lacquers. Gloss levels from 1 to 20 are easily achieved. In addition to the radical polymerisation of the acrylate groups, the energetic, short-wave 172 nm radiation leads to additional cross-linking of the monomers. This significantly increases the surface hardness.


Benefits of physical matting:

• matting with subsequent curing in a single process step

• perfect reproducibility

• no additional matting agents

• extremely low gloss level

• excellent matting effect

• increased surface hardness compared with normal Hg UV curing

• pleasant feel

• suitable for nanocomposite lacquers with extreme scratch and abrasion resistance

• increased chemical resistance

• anti-fingerprint effect


• Nitrogen feed is necessary

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Source: IOT GmbH