we differentiate between genuine, organic solvents (previously referred to as solvents) that are capable of actually dissolving lacquer raw materials such as resin and cellulose wool, and the somewhat cheaper cutting and thinning agents that can only be added to a certain amount types of lacquer. On the whole, specialist thinners are offered for every coating system, which often leads to long periods of storage and the risk of mistakes. For reasons of ease, a supplier should be sought who is able to offer a universal thinner. Organic solvents are subdivided into three categories in accordance with the German Guidelines for Preserving the Quality of Air (TA-Luft) based on the high cost to the environment and processors. As such, the prescribed concentrations, stated in 1m³ air, cannot be exceeded:

Cat. I from 0.1kg/h = 20 mg/m³

Cat. II from 3 kg/h = 150 mg/m³

Cat. III from 6 kg/h = 300 mg/m³