Alert strategy

Alert strategies are used for the quick and targeted alerting of not only in-house assistance groups, decision makers and managers, but also external recipients such as the Fire Brigade, Police, environmental authorities or similar, in all exceptional circumstances and emergencies. An alert strategy is mandatory in the event of a fire. The requirement set out in Art. 43 para. 6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of the German trade associations "An alert strategy is to be set up for the event of fire" applies to all businesses regardless of size and sector. Although 'only' required here for the event of fire, similar alert strategies should be set up for all other conceivable exceptional circumstances such as accidents, serious damage, threats, disasters or environmental incidents. "Alert strategies should be available in suitable places during operating hours e.g. in permanently staffed departments such as telephone switchboards, administration offices, gates and out of hours e.g. at any gates staffed around the clock, with contracted security companies or with the Police or Fire Brigade themselves".