DIN 68861 (EN 12720) Chemical resistance


This German standard offers a classification for different kinds of strain, which is identifying the character and so the quality of a coating. DIN 68861 consists of following parts:

Part 1 Behaviour at chemical strain (EN 12720)

Part 2 Behaviour at abrasion strain

Part 4 Behaviour at scratching strain

Part 6 Behaviour at cigarette glow

Part 7 Behaviour at dry heat (EN 12722)

Part 8 Behaviour at wet heat (EN 12721)

Since 1997, for some parts of DIN 68861 European standards have followed. Those are pure test-rules, which don’t include any classifications and are not accepted in practice up to now. For this reason, the withdrawn parts 1, 7 and 8 of DIN 68861 have been newly published in April 2001. Here, agreements are included, which were not part of the European standards and make it possible again, to classify according to stress groups.

Part 1 is the most applied part of DIN 68861. For a simulation of chemical strain of furniture surfaces ready for use, according to the stress group up to 26 test agents (like food, household chemicals, cleaning agents) are given onto the test surface and are left there for a certain time. After this time the changes of the surface are judged. The division is made into stress groups 1 A (highest) to 1 F (lowest). Physically drying lacquer systems usually reach group 1 C, chemically hardening coatings of a higher quality reach group 1 B.


DIN-Norm 68861 1B - test substances and effective duration:  

Test substanceDADADA
1 Acetic acid16 hrs51 hrs5--
2 Citric16 hrs51 hrs5--
3 Ammonium hydroxide16 hrs52 min--
4 Ethanol16 hrs51 hrs4--
5 Red wine16 hrs56 hrs510 min5
6 Beer16 hrs56 hrs510 min5
7 Cola16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
8 Coffee16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
9 Black tea16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
10 Black currant juice16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
11 Condensed milk16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
12 Water16 hrs516 hrs510 min5
13 Petrol16 hrs52 min5--
14 Acetone16 hrs510 s--
15 Etyl-Butyl acetate16 hrs510 s2--
16 Butter16 hrs516 hrs--
17 Olive Oil16 hrs516 hrs5--
18 Mustard16 hrs56 hrs5--
19 Onions16 hrs56 hrs5--
20 Desinfectant16 hrs510 in52 min5
21 Black ball point pen ink16 hrs5----
22 stamping ink16 hrs5----
23 Detergent16 hrs51 hrs5--
24 Cleaning solution16 hrs51 hrs52 min5

D: Effective duration

A: Reequirement as classification code according to DIN EN 12720-2009-07

Source: Beuth-Verlag; DIN 68861-1:2011-01

Evaluation Scheme:
5 no visible changes
4 even discernible changes in gloss or colour
3 slight change in gloss or colour; the structure is still generally unchanged
2 severe marking visible; the structure of the test surface is still generally unchanged
1 severe marking visible; the structure of the test surface is changed
0 test surface severely changed or destroyed