Airless spraying

(high pressure spraying without compressed air). The lacquer is placed under high pressure and sprayed through a replaceable specialist nozzle with fine holes using a compressed air or motor-driven piston pump. The lacquer can be compressed up to 300 bar. The amount of lacquer coming out is determined by the amount of lacquer pressure, the width of the nozzles and the viscosity of the lacquer. When spraying in this way, the lacquer hardly forms a mist, however any solvent vapour released (with NC lacquer approx. 80% of the amount of lacquer sprayed) needs to be removed by suction. As a result, a spraying booth with extraction must be used. With devices with their own electric motor, only the ex-protected design is to be used. Airless devices must be earthed in order to prevent an electrostatic charge. Caution is required due to the high operating pressure, and under no circumstances must the spray jet be allowed to be in contact with the skin. This would force solvents, among other things, under the skin.